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Блог об английском языке и нашей жизни 📒

Тест по бизнес-английскому: Лэт ми спик фром май харт

Business English, ladies and gentleman. Time to improve the knowledge of your Business English vocabulary. In this test you are given several answer options. Choose the most appropriate. Good luck :) Start
13 нояб.

Тест на знание идиом: 7 неочевидных вопросов

Want some new idioms? What's a piece of cake? Or the apple of someone's eye? Take the test and discover the truth :)
13 нояб.

Тест на знание английского сленга

Oh, my slang! How well do you know English slang? Let's see! After finishing the test promise not to feel frustrated the next time you see these words ;)
13 нояб.

Тест, чтобы развлечься: различия между английским языком XVI и XXI веков

Are you from the 16th or 21st century? Hey! Do you think that English language has always been pretty the same? Let's find out!
13 нояб.